Meet Philippo Antimi Clari, a driven 24-year-old on a mission to become a groundbreaking doctor, dedicated to advancing both research and patient care. As one of our 2021 scholars, this student with a vibrant cultural background (he was born to a Panamanian mother and Italian father in London and has lived in United Kingdom, Panama and Italy) is currently studying in his second year of MEDTEC School, a double-degree course in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering run by Humanitas University and Politecnico di Milano. From the reasons why he chose this highly intensive 6-year program to his greatest passion outside the medical field: check out our interview to learn more about him.

How does it feel to have someone cheering for you?

It feels both empowering and motivating to have someone cheer for you. I hope to live up to the expectations of the people that believed in my potential and one day to make them proud when I’ll achieve great things.

What made you choose MEDTEC?

I was so passionate about biology and physics that, during my high school years, I participated in the Panamanian Physics Olympiad, where I earned a gold and a silver medal. I also participated in the National Student Leadership Conference at a Biotechnology Camp in California Berkeley. So, when I discovered this degree which integrated both of my passions in biology and physics, I knew it was a perfect match for me.

What does MEDTEC mean to you?

For me MEDTEC means the opportunity to better care for my patients in the future thanks to its broad and innovative education, which integrates both the medical and engineering fields.

What is your greatest passion, besides medicine and engineering?

My greatest passion besides medicine and engineering is chess. Chess has taught me strategic thinking and decision-making skills, especially when I play with a time limit. Chess is like a battle between two minds, where the best wins.

What is your dream job?

I dream of becoming a doctor that is at the forefront of research and patient care. In particular, two areas I’m really passionate about are hepatic cirrhosis and cardiac infarctions. I would like to research ways to recuperate damaged tissue or even to reverse these conditions.

Students sometimes give up applying because they fear they might not win. Did this or any other negative thought come to mind when you applied for the Dompé Foundation Scholarship?

Yes, doubts and fear are part of being human. However, I believe we must fight against these negative feelings and live instead guided by courage and faith. Whenever I’m faced with a difficult decision or a great challenge, I remember the Latin saying, “fortune favors the bold”. In other words, I will never win, I will never achieve anything if I don’t put myself out there.