Fabiola, Master’s degree in Biomedical Omics

For sure my mother: she is a strong woman and has been through a lot. If I think about the Science world, instead, I really admire the scientist Richard Feynman, even though he doesn’t really have to do with my field. Nobel Prize in Physics, he represents that type of scientist I would like to become one day: brilliant, stubborn, curious but at the same time a bit crazy and original.

Niccolò, MEDTEC School

Sir David Attenborough, broadcaster and natural historian. I’ve watched most of his documentaries. When he speaks, he has a special sparkle in his eyes. I would like to convey the same passion for my job one day.

Valeria, Master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology

For sure my parents as they are smart and pure-minded people. I think that these qualities are key in life: they can take anyone anywhere.

Manuel, Master’s degree in Biomedical Omics

Uri Ben David, professor and researcher at Tel Aviv University. He deals with Genomics applied to Oncology. He is a great source of inspiration to me.