With Dompé Foundation, we support young and talented STEM students who want to be at the forefront of innovation. Our scholarship program has started a couple of years ago in Italy with a dozen MA and PhD students and is now embracing the USA, as well as more advanced post-doc profiles. Check out our video to the member of the Board of Directors Nathalie Dompé to learn more about our mission.

The success of Dompé pharmaceuticals is really a study of the importance of supporting scientific research and the courageous people that develop breakthroughs.

One of my grandfather’s professors was Nobel Prize laureate Giulio Natta, the inventor of polypropylene, and one of our most successful drugs is based on a discovery by the only female Italian Nobel Laureate in medicine, Rita Levi Montalcini.

This is why, with the Dompé Foundation, we support young, talented researchers and their curiosity through scholarships. Today, when it comes to science, one can no longer think in terms of traditional areas such as medicine, physics, or chemistry. We increasingly need scientists who can master knowledge in multiple areas and bridge the gap between different disciplines. The most exciting innovations and the most disruptive "breakthroughs", will come from the intersection of different sectors like life sciences, artificial intelligence, and material sciences.

Only a few years ago these disciplines seemed extremely distant, but today their intersection is giving birth to completely new areas of research and solutions. This is especially true for computational biology which has become one of the most promising frontiers not only for health but also for the environment and energy.

The young people who receive our scholarships are extraordinary because they are fearlessly exploring these new intersections in science and want to be at the forefront of innovation.

While the Dompé scholarship program supports individuals, its benefits will hopefully be felt by society as a whole. The program started in Italy in 2020 with a dozen students and we are now opening it to the US while also seeking more advanced post-doc profiles.

The world needs more breakthroughs in life sciences and society’s interest therein is only growing. In fact, Covid-19 has only made us understand even more acutely how important sustained research is for individual and societal health. The Dompé Foundation is a project that aims to have a concrete impact in these areas, contribute to the development of new areas of bio pharmaceutical research and, over the long term, improve the quality of human life.