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Without talents, there is no innovation

Knowledge-based economy is changing our society at a pace we have never experienced so far. Science and Innovation are the main drivers of this transformation: a process which starts in the universities and research centres, to later grow within companies.

Fondazione Dompé has chosen to play a proactive role in the progress of Science by investing in the higher education of young talents through scholarships and grants.

Young people who choose to embrace Life Sciences today, need an excellent specialization and a multidisciplinary education, an approach shared by all the Master and PhD degrees handpicked by Fondazione Dompé. In particular, these university programs focus on new technologies, ranging from AI and robotics to data science and nanotechnology. A long term commitment which adds up to Dompé farmaceutici’s lasting investments in R&D and innovative startups.

Without talents, there is no innovation. Without knowledge, there is no development.

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