bellezza d'italia

A cultural project embracing art, travel and sports

«Bellezza d’Italia has the ambition to become, for every doctor, a dear companion for the hours of rest, a glimpse on the world, delivered on a monthly basis, directly at home». Launched in 1947 by the founder of Dompé farmaceutici, Franco Dompé, the magazine has two goals: provide an antidote against the doctors’ daily stresses, and increase the company’s brand awareness. The entrepreneur focuses on quality journalism, rather than on the over promotion of his products: these, in fact, appear only in the pages addressed to the advertisements.

From art and fashion, to sports and tourism: the magazine explores a variety of topics. In particular, every issue uncovers the most charming cities and regions across Italy, hence the name Bellezza d’Italia, which literally means "Beauty of Italy".

As head of the magazine’s art direction, Franco Dompé chooses Franco Grignani, a popular artist and designer who had conceived, back then, many successful advertisements and brand logos. On top of that, he picks as contributors some of the greatest authors and journalists out there, such as Dino Buzzati, Indro Montanelli and Camilla Cederna.

The magazine’s sleek layout design and the prominent collaborations pay off soon. In the early 1950s, the publishing company Mondadori tries to take over the business: Franco Dompé, however, promptly declines the offer. In 1955, the editorial staff decides to redesign Bellezza d’Italia's layout as several imitations were popping out. Furthermore, from 1956 onwards, the magazine was translated in English, German and Spanish, proving its growing popularity, also beyond the Italian border. With over 70 publications, Bellezza d’Italia comes out with its last issue in 1962.

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